To place an order online, please follow the following instructions:

From the home page you can search for books by subject, author, series or titles or you may select purchases from the "Children books", the "Art books" or from "New Titles".

After you’ve made your inquiry and have found the title that interests you, select the title or the cover (if present).

From the Book Form select to carry out your order.

In the event that the book is still in preparation or is unavailable the icon will appear in order to proceed to the page for reserving the title by filling out the form which appears on the screen. icon also appear in order to request the estimates costs for a xerocopy of the book (in b/w, bound with plastic spiral).

Indicate the number of copies you wish to receive then select "Order".

In the summary of the contents of your cart you have the possibility to see the complete order and to modify the number of titles chosen with or you can eliminate a title with . the contents of you cart is correct click on out the required personal information and select your method of payment and delivery, also indicating the destination of the books.
In order to make all the correct choices, please follow the instructions given in the sections "Delivery" and "Payment" step-by-step. the event that the person receiving the books differs from the purchaser, after having confirmed your order the address to which the book is being sent will be requested. having confirmed your order, you will see a summary of you order: it is possible to reread your order and, if necessary, print it. accurately your order’s information and click on the "Confirm" icon in order to carry on and submit your final order to our customer service.